Detect water leaks
with Flood Detective.

You can prevent water damage & toxic mold with a water sensor & alarm.

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Protect Your Investment, Buy a Flood Detective.

Just seconds to install. Use it everywhere!

Top 5 Places to Put a Flood Detective

  1. Under the Bathroom Sink
  2. Behind a Leaky Toilet
  3. Under a Dishwasher
  4. By the Water Heater
  5. Under the Refrigerator

Did you know?

Lack of early detection of water leaks can reduce your ability to collect from your insurance company. Insurance claims for water damage are frequently denied if the cause of the damage has existed for more than 24 hours.

Flood Detective is a water leak alarm which provides you with a no-risk purchase. We proudly provide a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. To date, no requests for refunds have been received.

When it detects a leak, the Flood Detective will sound for 10 days with a fresh battery. No other competing product even comes close.