Flood Detective™ ProFlood Detective™ Pro
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Product Features
  • Detects as little as 1/32" (.8mm) of water
  • Remote Sensor can be placed as far as 8 feet away from alarm
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-Sensor Capable! One alarm can monitor multiple sensors.
Product Details
  • Dimensions
    3 7/8"L x 3"W x 1"D
    (98mm x 72mm x 25mm)
  • 92 dB Alarm
  • AC or DC Powered AC Adapter included Battery not included
  • Wall Mount Bracket included
  • 7-year Guarantee
Flood Detective™ Pro (Item #FD1SMPR) Quantity:

What parts of your home could you protect with a water leak detector that has an alarm?

Under the Bathroom Sink

Leaks in cabinets underneath sinks are a common source of water damage. Cabinets are expensive to replace.

By the Water Heater

You can detect water at the first sign of leakage and prevent your water heater bursting.

In the Attic

How often do you go in your attic? If your roof was leaking it could do major damage before you noticed it.

Behind a Leaky Toilet

A leaky or overflowing toilet can cause significant floor, wall, and cabinetry damage.

Under the Refrigerator

Like the dishwasher, water leaks out of refrigerators in hardly noticeable amounts until it's too late.

Under the Kitchen Sink

Leaky pipes under a kitchen sink can cause just as much—and just as expensive—damage as bathroom sinks.

Under a Dishwasher

Water leaking out of a dishwasher is hard to detect before it ruins your floors and nearby cabinets.

Under the Washing Machine

One of the most likely to leak home appliances. Let our alarm let you know when your washing machine has a leak.

Lowest Point in Your Home

Even if you don't have a water leak detector everywhere in your home, water will always collect at the lowest point...

More smart places to put a Flood Detective water leak sensor and alarm!

Flood Detective™ Pro (Item #FD1SMPR) Quantity: