Water Sensor and Leak Alarm Features

Water Sensor and Leak Alarm Features from Flood Detective

  1. State of the art, foolproof circuitry provides reliable, inexpensive leak detection capability.
  2. Flood Detective uses either A/C, battery or A/C with battery backup allowing you to use the device anywhere.
  3. Flood Detective uses patent pending technology to allow you to connect multiple sensors to one alarm unit, permitting low-cost yet effective protection of adjoining high-risk areas in such rooms as the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, garage, etc.
  4. Flood Detective has fail-safe technology that informs you of A/C power loss or low battery levels.
  5. Flood Detective uses sensors with 8' leads between connectors to give you complete flexibility in the placement of the alarm and the sensor
  6. When it detects a leak, the Flood Detective will sound for 10 days with a fresh battery. No other competing product even comes close.
  7. Flood Detective output has been certified at 92 dB by an independent professional testing laboratory. (Many competitors quote test results from amateur equipment in closed spaces).
  8. Flood Detective proudly provides a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. To date, no requests for a product refund have been received.
  9. Flood Detective uses sensors which will detect water at a depth of 1/32", is wafer thin for use under carpets or small spaces, and has an adhesive strip so it can be fixed firmly in place.
  10. Flood Detective has a 7 year guarantee, the longest in the industry.
  11. Flood Detective will operate for close to the expected shelf life of the 9-volt battery used (5 years for a standard alkaline, 10 years for lithium), although we recommend replacing the battery at least once a year.
  12. Flood Detective incorporates an accessory output which can connect to a master alarm system or other control devices, such as signal devices for the hearing impaired or remote sirens for detached buildings.

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